How to train a pitbull puppy basic commands


How to train a pitbull puppy basic commands

Breeding pitbull dogs at home

Food behaviors for pitbull puppy

Cleanliness of pitbull puppies

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Train pitbull puppy basic commands


Some believe that Pitbull dogs are dangerous dogs, but this is an incorrect belief and far from the truth. If you educate and train them well from their youth, you will get very friendly and loving dogs.

In spite of this, Pitbull dogs are considered dangerous in some countries, so before thinking about owning a Pitbull dog, you must be aware of how to deal with them and train them properly.


Pitbull dogs are strong and have high energy and vitality, so they need an experienced owner who can deal with them in the right way with good training and education.

Therefore, force should not be used under any circumstances to teach them. On the contrary, it is preferable to use carrots and be firm as well


In this article, we will explain how to train a Pitbull puppy so that you can control this strain to get an obedient and friendly dog.


Breeding pitbull dogs at home

This talk applies to all puppies, not just pitbull puppy, as their preparation and understanding how to receive them at home is considered influential from the start.

You need to teach them their own place or place to sleep where they feel comfortable and safe, and it is better to put their bed in a place where they feel comfortable and spend a lot of time in it, such as the living room, for example


It is important to be firm in some of the rules from the beginning. Do not let them do anything one day and another day no.  This makes them confused, knowing the correct behavior.


For example: If you do not allow them to sleep in your bedroom, and you will train the puppy to sleep alone, you must be strict about that and do not go to them when they start wailing or crying because this means that they will not learn to sleep on their own at all.


Food behaviors for pitbull puppy

They should be fed high-quality food 4 or 5 times a day up to four months of age and can be moistened with water until they can chew and after this age you can stop moisturizing it until you get used to eating it dry and if you see that they are having difficulty swallowing it, you can choose wet food, but It should be of high quality.

On the other hand, you must remember that pitbull puppies are medium and large dogs, so they will need specific food. Some breeders provide them with additional calcium to help their growth. Consult a veterinarian first if this is necessary or not.


On the other hand, to avoid unwanted behavior in the future, it is preferable to teach them to sit "the first basic commands" and through that you can ask them not to eat until you give them permission, which prevents them from attacking food in the future.


Another thing that must be organized is the time they take to eat. The puppy must get used to eating at a specific time on the other hand. If you give them food throughout the day, you may not be sure whether they are eating properly or not.


To do this, the best thing you can do is to leave the food bowl for only 15 minutes and remove it once this period has passed with repeating this. They will learn that food must be eaten at a specific time. There is no need to fear.

Cleanliness of pitbull puppies

In order to teach the puppy to go to the bathroom or toilet outside the house, you must follow the same steps as with any other dog.

Note: puppies that are outside should not be taken until after all vaccinations and vaccinations have been obtained. So during the first months, you should teach them to urinate in the bathroom or on newspaper papers.

During this stage, you should write down the times when the puppy usually goes to the toilet. Through that, you will know the best times to take the dog outside the house.


When taking the dog outside the home and after relieving it, it should be rewarded and praised. If the puppy cannot keep it and does it inside the house, he should not hit or punish them for that. Remember that they are still in the training phase.

pitbull  puppies  sports

It should be noted that Pitbull puppies are very active dogs, so after taking all the vaccinations and preparing to go out, they must be walked 2-3 times a day, making sure that they get some amount of physical exercise and you must make activities shorter to avoid exhausting them, meaning that it is possible to play ball games twice In the day during a short period of time rather than a very intense activity.

It is best to take them for a walk after exercise to develop a positive feeling about this activity.

Do not forget about social behavior and the importance of getting to know other dogs and people. This behavior improves the socialization of the puppy and prevents problems in future behavior, especially in the life of adult dogs, because they are difficult to change. This is the best time to work on socialization.


Socialization and basic commands such as (sit - come - stay) are among the most important things that must be learned during this period, along with some intelligence games and tricks.


Train pitbull puppy basic commands

1 -You must start training the puppy early, start reading about pitbull training even before you get it, and if you got a Pitbull puppy from a good breeder, it will most likely have begun to communicate with him, and in this case the puppy has been exposed to sounds, situations, people and other animals.

You should also agree with a qualified and experienced dog trainer to work with your puppy and teach him new things.

2 - Train a pitbull puppy on some basic commands such as (Come - Sit - Stay) and this is useful in distracting him when the puppy shows some bad behaviors, as you will also protect him from dangerous things that may happen to him because of these behaviors.


3 -Train a pitbull puppy to stop biting behavior, as we may find some other puppies, especially when playing, but he must learn that it is not good for him to bite and one of the methods that can be used to discourage this behavior is to stop playing immediately after the biting behavior, which is a clear indication of the puppy that Biting is not acceptable, also do not let him bite your hand but offer him toys instead.


4 -It is very good to use positive reinforcement to train a Pitbull puppy, try to control your anger during training, which may lead to fear of the puppy, and it is normal for puppies to make mistakes during training, so be patient and always look for any reason even if it is simple to praise Your puppy, for example giving your puppy a reward for staying calm and not focusing solely on his punishment when he is active and noisy.


5 -You have to make the puppy repeat some commands over and over, especially if he does not hear them well. Also train the puppy to continue trying until he succeeds, then rest him when he approaches success or mastery and give him many opportunities.

It is also important for your puppy to get used to touching his ears, tail, claws, and body, and this gives him a message that you are the responsible person and it will help and facilitate the process of cleaning the puppy, trimming his nails, giving him medicines etc.

6 -Put a collar with an identification necklace for your puppy, this will make it easier to find the puppy in the event of losing it, Pitbull dogs are good at escaping from their gardens, also make sure that your garden has a fence about 2 meters high.

7-Provide the puppy with natural and medical care and vaccinations; consult the veterinarian about sterilization or neutering your puppy and request treatment for worms.

 Also know the basic vaccinations that your puppy will need starting from the eighth week, as well as repeated vaccination after 3 or 4 weeks, and there are some other vaccinations that the doctor recommends Veterinarian every year. Also, visit the veterinarian regularly, even if it is once a year.

Develop your puppy's mental abilities, offer him dolls and games during training, carry out some activities that increase his capabilities and focus, such as hiding sweets in a place and leaving him to search for and bring them or some puzzle games, this will help the puppy to move energy and not feel bored and resort to destruction and inconvenience.


Pitbull dogs are very smart and when left idle, they become devastated. Also, you should not leave your puppy alone for a long time, and if you have to, for example, leave it in a closed place such as a box full of toys.

8 -Put your puppy in different positions and present it to other people and other animals, which leads to the puppy getting used to all kinds of animals and people.


The best time to start communicating with the puppy is when it is from about 3 weeks to 16 weeks, in this period the puppy will easily learn and realize a lot of new information. Make your puppy greet people and give him a reward for that.


9 -Always make sure that your puppy is comfortable, the puppy may be somewhat anxious when facing new situations or when meeting other people, make him feel calm and comfortable at first before he is exposed to exciting situations, also always watch your puppy and look for signs of dissatisfaction with him, and do not force the puppy to Interacting when he is afraid, and the puppy can also be trained in new situations at home before being exposed to them outside the home.


10 -One of the favorite and useful things in developing the social aspect of the puppy is that you take a training course with the puppy, provided that the training includes the presence of other pups, these courses can teach you the skills you need to teach your puppy commands and help the puppy to communicate with other puppies.

11-Watch your puppy when he plays with puppies or other dogs, and if there is a problem, stop the behavior before the fighting begins. If the fighting stops and the puppies subside, give them a reward and let them play again. Also, whistles and spray bottles can be used to stop the fighting quickly.


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