How to deal with barking dogs?



How to deal with barking dogs?


Why do dogs bark?

The main causes of dogs barking

What do you do with a dog barking problem?

Best tips to stop dog barking

Ultrasonic anti dog barking

 Dog barking is normal! It is an important way of expression and communication for dogs. Sometimes this problem develops. The dog becomes bark, and that is by performing the best barking actions of the dog


Why do dogs bark?

Dog barking can be caused by a variety of reasons. Dogs don't bark just because they can only bark (although sometimes they can seem that way). Dogs bark not to annoy you and your neighbors, nor do they bark out of excitement or revenge. In fact some dog breeds have a tendency to bark more than others.

Some types of dogs have already been bred to bark and make loud noise. This could be so that they can alert people of danger, protect homes, or even scare prey from hiding from poachers. It is important to listen to the sound of the barking carefully and eventually you will know the distinction between different dog sounds. Then you may be able to see what each type of bark means. The first step toward controlling behavior is to understand why dogs bark

The main causes of dogs barking

 Warning / Caution

It is normal for a dog to bark when someone is at the door or when strangers pass in front of the house, and many dogs will bark if they feel some kind of threat and danger

They say "I am here protecting this place so don't mess with me." The sound of this bark is usually sharp, loud and confident. Refining this instinct with training can really help protect your home and family.


Anxious barking often seems to be self-soothing for many dogs. It is often loud, sometimes accompanied by a whine. This type of barking is common in dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, fear, phobias, or other types of anxiety.

 Searching for interest

When you hear this barking, you'll usually know what it means. This bark says “Hey! Hey! a look! I'm here!" Other dogs may moan and bark together to get attention and attention almost like a baby crying .

Fun / excitement

This type of bark is especially common in puppies and young dogs. Many will bark dogs while playing with other people or dogs. Even the sound of the bark sounds optimistic and possibly musical. Some dogs will bark enthusiastically when they know they are about to go for a walk or ride a car

Responding to other dogs

This is a familiar scenario. One dog begins to go down the street and bark, and the rest of the dogs start joining him one by one.


The barking of a dog that has a feeling of boredom sounds like a dog that just barks to hear its sound. Although it may be annoying, it is also a kind of sadness. Bored dogs often bark to release excess energy, sometimes barking out of loneliness and usually need activity and possibly a companion

What do you do with a dog barking problem?

Do you suffer from frequent barking of your dog? You better address the problem now, before the situation gets worse. It is difficult to reduce the bark much without your intervention. The cause of the barking must be determined first, and then steps taken to address the cause. If your dog's barking is related to fear or anxiety, you should see a vet. A vet can rule out the medical causes for this behavior and may recommend some medications to reduce the dog's barking. If your dog is in a state of severe anxiety, it is very difficult for your dog to learn new things

Best tips to stop dog barking

Correct the dog's behavior problem and follow up

Try to stop the dog from barking by using your gaze, sound, or physical correction. But do not stop there and you must continue to correct this behavior, because the dog may stop barking for a while and then return to what he was doing again. His body may be in a state of relaxation and calm, but his brain may still be alert to barking. So you must be patient to correct this problem.

Be calm when trying to stop the dogs barking

Constant barking can be annoying, but you will not be able to correct this problem if you are frustrated or nervous. Because animals do not respond to unbalanced leaders. In fact, the situation in which you deal with the dog will reflect on him. If you are frustrated, your dog will be frustrated and annoyed! In this case, barking is the best way to release that frustrating energy. It is best to take a moment to reduce your inner bark first, and then start dealing with your dog

Insist on stopping the dog's barking

Does your dog repeatedly bark at the same target, person, situation or place? In this case, you should insist on asking your dog to stop barking. Use your body, mind and calm energy to get your dog to respond quickly. Do it with 100% dedication and focus, and the results may surprise you.

 Challenge the dog mentally and physically

Excessive barking often is a result of the pent up energy found in dogs. If this is the case, the solution is simple: you must release this energy in more positive ways, and here you must ask yourself. Does your dog get a daily walk? Can you provide more mental and physical challenges to your dog, such as herding, dog training for obedience and agility, or simple obedience games? And intelligence games? There are many ways to increase challenges in your dog's life.

Just getting one of all these challenges that the dog enjoys and which he can safely participate in can greatly help to release the pent up energy of the dog, thus eliminating the most important causes of the disturbing dog barking.

Get help

When you brought this dog into your life, then you are responsible for providing the care that the dog needs. So if you did not succeed in preventing dog barking, and other dog behavior problems, in this case you should call in experienced and professional dog breeding to help you deal with such issues.

 Ultrasonic anti dog barking

Bark deterrents such as anti-bark collars are not preferred by dogs, and should only be used if all other methods fail. Some people have also opposed these hoops because they believe they are a form of punishment, and long-term training will provide a remedy for any behavior problem. But if training with your dog does not work, and the owner of the house threatens you with eviction or the intervention of the police, then you have no other choice.

These include collars that deliver a short, small shock each time the dog barks. These types of hoops have been shown to be at least as effective as other electronic hoops. You do not risk causing any harm or pain to the dog.

 And there are hoops that work with ultrasound, which do not make noise but rather sounds that only dogs can hear, this type does not like dogs, but it does not cause any real harm.

 There are electric shock collars, and this type pays a slight electric shock to the dog's neck. These collars are usually made to contain degrees of electric shock, and it is advisable to use the lowest grade to prevent any harm to the dog. Once again, it must be reminded that you only use these collars when absolutely necessary.


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