why does my dog keep shaking his head



why does my dog keep shaking his head


Everyone shakes their head from time to time without even thinking about it, because you have hair that irritates your ear, itches, or expels something that annoys you. The same is true for dogs, and because dogs have larger ears with larger openings, this is often done to deal with an itch in or around the ear.

 This is completely normal and something you are likely to see your dog do every day - if you are concerned - but if your dog is shaking their head frequently or repeatedly or seems as if something is bothering them, this could indicate a potential problem.


Some causes of head shaking in dogs are minor and will go away on their own, while others may indicate a problem that needs veterinary attention, either as a secondary issue, or as a symptom of a more serious condition.


If your dog simply shakes his head from time to time, or an immediate cause such as it being rain this is not a problem. However, if you see your dog shaking his head multiple times per day, this indicates that something is wrong.


One of the most likely causes of a tremor is an infection in one or both ears, such as a bacterial or even fungal infection. This may not be apparent from observation, as the infection is located deep inside the ear where it cannot be seen.


Ear mites are also high on the list of causes for head shaking, and ear mites can be present in large numbers and invisible to the naked eye. The ear mite may affect one ear again, but it will quickly spread to the other, and it will be itchy and irritating to the dog until it is treated.


Loud sounds affect people and dogs alike, and this is the sensation you may feel when taking off or landing in a plane. This can lead to problems with balance due to the way the ears relate to the general balance and orientation of the body, and it could be caused by an infection or another minor problem.


Head injuries can also cause head shaking, because there might be pain or something else that could bother it. If your dog has had a head injury or an accident, you should always seek help from a veterinarian.


Weird things in the ear - often small things like weed seeds - are another problem that usually affects dogs, especially those with large ear openings. This is more common in the spring than other times of the year, and again, you may not know what the problem is until you get to your vet to take a look.


Deafness that develops slowly and becomes more progressive may also cause head shaking, as the dog tries to hear more clarity.


Many of the problems mentioned above are naturally related to the ears, and the ear canal is deep and dark, and difficult to see without the benefit of specialized equipment.


If the head shaking continues for more than two days, and also, if you have any other concerns, make an appointment with your vet to see what can be done.

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