National puppy day


National puppy day

National puppy day


What is viewed as a puppy?

in general puppies become adults after they reach a year or 2 of age.


National puppy day history

National Puppy Day was first recognized in 2006 by animal and pet behavior expert, Colleen Paige.


National puppy day date

National Puppy Day is celebrated on the 23rd of March every year.

National Puppy Day activities

Here are some activities you can do to celebrate National Puppy Day:

- Use National Puppy Day and post photos of your puppy on social media.

- Buy a puppy toy as a gift for your puppy to play with.

- Put together a tranquil show before your local area pet store that sells pups.

- let your puppy play in the dog park.

- Wear promotional clothing.

- Give your pup much hug on this day.

- Get the dogs a new toy.

- Have a picture painted of your pup.

- Take a nap together.

- special treat for your pup.

- Donate.

- Have a tee shirt made with your puppy's photograph on it.

- watch photos or videos of adorable puppies.

 Watch : Baby Dogs - Cute and Funny Dog Videos Compilation 

 - clean your puppy.

- Throwing a dog party.

- Having a puppy photoshoot.

- Teaching them a trick.

- Urging others to treat dogs in a better way.

- Adopt a dog.

- Pamper your puppy.

- love your puppy more every year.

- Enjoy a spa day.

- Volunteer.


national puppy day date logo


national puppy day date logo

national puppy day date slogan

 the national puppy day date slogan is:  Love. Rescue. Adopt


national puppy day Canada/ Australia

puppy day is on March 23 in anyplace.


national puppy day saying or quotes


" puppy therapy is indicated, when you feel lousy "


 " Happy national puppy day "


" I will always be with you; you will never walk alone "


" Let us love them and be their friend for life "


 " Celebrating puppies & saving lives "


" It was love at first bark "


" Love your puppy day "


" Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies "


" Silence is gold unless you have puppy "


" Happiness is a warm puppy "


Watch : National Puppy Day with Bingo and Rolly! | Puppy Dog Pals | Disney Junior


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happy national puppy day images

national puppy day images date


national puppy day images slogan

national puppy day images Colleen Paige


national puppy day images sayings

national puppy day images

happy national puppy day images 2022

national puppy day images 2022


future national puppy day dates

Day of the week




March 23



March 23



March 23



March 23



March 23





Colleen Paige the founder of National Puppy Day said" Puppies are the most trusting and joyous creatures on the planet. Oh, to be more like a puppy".


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