puppy facts for kids


puppy facts for kids

puppy facts for kids


Puppies are baby dogs and that they are so cute! About five million puppies are born annually within the us. Puppies are born deaf and blind.

They develop those senses within the first few weeks after being born. a bit like a baby, puppies are born with no teeth.

And a bit like kids, puppies get baby teeth first. Eventually they lose those baby teeth a bit like humans do and adult teeth grow in.

Puppies could seem very playful, and they are, but they also need tons of sleep. A puppy sleeps a minimum of 15 hours per day and that they spend most of the remainder of their days eating.

They've got to stay up their strength since they grow such a lot within the early months. Dogs have a tremendous sense of smell.

It's a million times better than a person's. And puppies develop that sense of smell at just three weeks old.

Puppies love people and they are good for humans too. Japanese researchers discovered that watching pictures of puppies can actually help humans focus better.

Part of why puppies develop so fast is because they are not puppies for long. They're considered adult dogs by the time they're one-year-old.

Puppies are awesome. What's your favorite thing about puppies?



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