Training a dog to wait at the door in 7 steps


Training a dog to wait at the door

Training a dog to wait at the door in 7 steps


Start this exercise early. It is important to teach your dog to respect boundaries so that he does not go out the door every time it opens, which can be dangerous for him. Training doesn't have to happen every time you walk in the door, but you should make the most of your training opportunities early in a puppy's life.

Here are the training steps:

1) Put the dog on a leash. You should put a short guide that will allow you to change the direction of the animal at close range.


2) Walk to the door. Brin
g the dog with you on a leash.


3) Give the command "stay" before entering. If the dog moves with the intent of following you, use the guide to stop its movement and try again.


4) Praise the dog when he waits. After he realizes that you want him to stay at the door instead of coming with you, praise him more often and give him rewards for staying.


5) Teach him to sit on the doorstep. If the door is closed, you can teach the dog to sit by simply placing your hand on the handle. He will then wait for the door to open and not cross the threshold until you allow it. This training can be done initially on the manual, for safety's sake.


6) Give a separate command to encourage the dog to walk through the door. You can use "comes" or "leaves". Whatever the case, it should be the only command that allows the dog to leave the house.


7) Increase the distance. Practice leaving the dog on the doorstep and doing something on the other side, such as reading the mail or taking out the trash, before coming back and complimenting her. The idea is not to always ask him to meet you on the other side, you can also come back to him.


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