New study: Dogs can distinguish lies in humans



New study: Dogs can distinguish lies in humans

 New study: Dogs can distinguish lies in humans

Scientists from the University of Vienna confirmed that dogs are able to determine whether a person is deceiving them or being honest in dealing with them. Scientists conducted experiments and subjected 260 dogs of different breeds to them. The results confirmed the dogs' ability to distinguish whether a person is lying or being honest with them.


The experiments conducted by the researchers, which included placing two opaque bowls, one empty and the second containing delicious food, one of the volunteers who had not seen him before, started telling the dogs about the bowl containing the delicious food, and they actually got the food and became confident in this person, according to the RT website.


In the presence of the dogs, another volunteer put the food in the other bowl, and the first volunteer was watching the process and what was happening, and this process was repeated again, but in his absence.


The researchers repeated the first experiment and concluded that the dogs ignore the advice of the human, if he is not present when changing the container containing the food.


More importantly, according to the researchers, about half of the group of dogs participating in the experiments, did not follow the advice of the person who witnessed the process of changing the food bowl, and tried to convince her that the food was in the empty bowl, and this indicates that dogs are able to distinguish the lies of humans.


The researchers pointed out that similar experiments conducted with the participation of children under the age of five, macaques and chimpanzees, the results of which showed that children and monkeys trusted false advice more than dogs.


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