Teaching a puppy its name easiest proven way



Teaching a puppy its name

Teaching a puppy its name easiest proven way


Training a puppy on his name is one of the topics that dog breeders search for, because the name is the address of any person, and his identity that we know and deal with through it.

 Every person in the world has a name that is unique to him and distinguishes him, and a baby when he is born must choose a name for him in order to be registered with it, and in the world of animals, we must give them a name that we know them by and call them by so that dealing with them is easier.

It is also important to teach your puppy his name before you begin to teach him commands. If the puppy knows his name, this will facilitate the training process. Teaching a puppy its name is an essential process.


Steps for teaching a puppy its name:

1- Choose your puppy's name

Choose a name with one or two syllables. There should be a quick response when the puppy hears his name. Dogs respond to short sounds better.

Choose a name with distinctive sounds. By having easily identifiable sounds in the name, the puppy can differentiate his name from the surrounding noise.

Don't choose a name that rhymes with a family member's name, such as "Shaki" with someone named "Shady" as it may confuse the puppy.


2- Train your puppy to respond to his name

Plan five-minute sessions in which you repeat the 'name' 3 to 5 times at different times of the day. Do this over a few days.

Call your puppy's name out loud. Use the puppy's name once while doing this e.g., Molly, come on!

 If you repeatedly repeat the name before the dog comes, it will ignore the name. Use the dog's name in positive commands. Consider walking away from the puppy when you call his name. Dogs like to chase things, and they will likely try to catch up with you.

Use the Name Game to practice name recognition. And in the training area, tie it with a tie about 3 meters long. Allow him to walk within 1.5 meters.

When he's not looking, call out to the puppy in an excited voice. Make sure it comes to you. If it does not come, gently pull it towards you. When he comes to you, praise him and give him a reward.

Repeat this process until the puppy gets used to coming to you when you call his name.

Don't scold the puppy even if it takes a while for him to come to you. Avoid nicknames that may confuse the puppy.

Reward the puppy if he responds when you hear his name. Say, "Well done" when he comes. Use words of praise or give him a reward. In general, be amazed and happy with his behavior.

You can also massage your dog's stomach. You can choose from many alternatives to reward your dog with. The goal is to associate the puppy's obedience with a positive response from you.


3- Reward for distinguishing the name

Make training more challenging. After your puppy has passed the initial training, train him in different locations.

 Let him distract him with something like a bouncy ball, then call out his name. Do this while playing, and make it your goal to have the puppy respond to you no matter where you are.

Gradually stop giving rewards. Once the puppy is constantly responding to his name, slowly stop offering rewards for responding to the name.

Give him a reward the other times he responds. Extend the time between rewards until he no longer needs rewards for his response to the name.

Use the puppy's name frequently. Once you have completed that training, continue to use the puppy's name more often. Say it when you walk him, feed him, bathe him, say his name during positive moments.

take your time. If it takes a while for your pup to learn his name, that's no problem. Every dog ​​learns quickly.

Remember that no dog will respond to its name 100% of the time. Dogs are not machines and therefore they make mistakes. Be more patient.

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