What to expect when raising a pitbull?



What to expect when raising a pitbull?

What to expect when raising a pitbull?

Many questions arise in the minds of many who are about to buy dogs, especially the pitbull breed; Especially with the characteristics of this series and the misconceptions surrounding it and these questions

How do you discipline a pitbull? What do I need to know before getting a Pitbull? At what age do pitbulls become aggressive? Is it hard to raise a pitbull? etc.

In this article, dear reader, you will find an answer to all these questions and other accurate and useful information about what to expect when raising a pitbull from reliable sources and through the experiences of many professional dog trainers.

Types of pitbull dogs:

American Pitbull Terrier

Red nose American Pitbull Terrier

Blue nose American Pitbull Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

American Bully

Monster Blue








What are pitbull dogs used for?

They are often used for various purposes including fighting and display, obedience and agility competitions, weightlifting, events that display intelligence, training ability, strength, and also guarding.

Characteristics of pitbull dogs

Pitbull dogs are characterized by a number of different characteristics, and the most important of these characteristics is the strong loyalty of their owners, and below we will discuss the rest of the characteristics that characterize them:

- They love to get close to her owner and becomes happy if she makes him feel satisfied.

- These dogs are characterized by issuing distinctive sounds that other dogs do not have the ability to issue, such as grumbling and whining.

- The tail of pitbull dogs is distinguished by not making him feel pain when he hits anything.

- They have a high degree of curiosity; she prefers to examine things such as closets and does not have the ability to know his surroundings well.

- Prefer to hide in warm places.


 Advantages of pitbull dogs

Pitbull dogs have many advantages that make them different from other dogs, including:

- They have a high rate of intelligence, which makes her able to understand things quickly.

- It is characterized by its small size, so it is not necessary to provide a large area in the house for it.

- Do not bark unless hungry and thirsty.

- She has short hair and does not require much care, like other dogs.

- Possesses a large ratio of strength and ferocity; So, it is used in guarding.

- It is not annoying, when you notice the owner's preoccupation with her, she will leave him until he finishes what he is doing.

- It is classified as one of the most loyal dogs where he could sacrifice his life to save his owner.

- They have a strong desire to please their owner. They are loyal, extremely brave and very intelligent dogs.

- They have the innate ability to identify the suspect and act accordingly.

- The pitbull will be a pet dog in the house, provided that it is properly raised by its owner since childhood.

- They like to play with children, and they do not get tired easily, pitbull dogs need a lot of long walks daily.

- Pitbull dogs may be aggressive towards other dogs, but with adequate training they will become very accommodating in dealing with dogs and other pets.

- If a pitbull dog enters a fight against another dog, he will fight to the end and will not back down from the killer, as he has rare courage.

- Pitbull dogs can do, search and rescue work, discover drugs and bombs.

- Training them is easy. But if they are given freedom of choice, they will choose the wrong one, so be clear with them and always follow through.

- They also have roles in agriculture. Their responsibilities here range from guarding livestock, preventing them from wandering far, as well as protecting them from predators. Professional hunters also use pitbull to help them track their prey.


Disadvantages of pitbull dogs

Despite the fact that these dogs have a number of many advantages, they have some disadvantages, including:

- They have extreme pride and is very stubborn, which sometimes makes her refuse to carry out orders.

- They need certain types of food, which makes her owner spend a lot on her food.

- It is difficult for children to raise them due to their fierceness.

- It requires the owner of the full-time because it needs periodic violent exercises to maintain his body.

- Pitbulls have difficult temperaments so it is not a good idea to girls.


How to take care of pitbull dogs?

- Brushing their teeth three times a week

- Trim the nails twice a month so that he does not feel pain

- Check their ears to make sure there is no redness or dirt, and it is preferable to wipe them with a damp cloth.

- Check their eyes to make sure there is no redness.


Precautions to take when owning a pitbull:

Regarding what to expect when raising a pitbull, owners of a pitbull type should be aware of this breed's remarkable fighting abilities and always bear in mind that they have the potential to inflict serious injury to other animals.

Pitbulls won't necessarily be motivated to fight other dogs, but they are known to have been bred specifically for this, and so will do so more aggressively than most other breeds.

Knowing how to avoid a fight and how to break it up can be a matter of life or death for your dog and your other dog.

The pitbull may not be the one who starts the fight, but he acts aggressively and professionally when he has to, and is often blamed most of the time.

Unusually, you may find that pitbulls adapt and get along wonderfully with other pets and may live happily with other dogs without any incidents, but we cannot assume that this is true for all of them or consider it a constant.

The aggressive behavior of dogs and humans should not be confused! They are two entirely different traits, unless puppies are bred very poorly, or specifically trained to attack humans, often done through bad methods by misfits, as pitbulls are by nature very good with people, and they are one of the most common companions' good people who are loyal, friendly and dedicated.


Pitbull breeding for beginners

Before you start raising pitbull dogs, you must know how to raise them first, which is:

- Determining the reason for his acquisition and realizing that raising dogs is expensive, as it requires you to take care of the female if she is pregnant, bear the cost of food and go to the vet.

- Knowing the laws related to dog breeding in the country of the breeder, there are some countries that prohibit the acquisition of a pitbull dog due to its ferocity, and there are some other countries that require the owner of the dog to put a muzzle on his mouth when wandering outside the house.

- Examine the dog well before buying it or adopting it and making sure that it is free of diseases.


pitbull dog training

There are some rules that you should know when training a pitbull dog, and this is what we will show in the following:

- Training the dog and its young age is smart and social and can become not fierce.

- Using the method of reinforcement in his upbringing where punishment is replaced by reward when doing a good deed.

-Training dogs to focus with his friend while he is in a place where there are other dogs; Because pitbulls are known to be aggressive with other dogs.

- Make the dog exercise to burn the energy it has.


Misinformation about pitbull dogs

Some information about pitbull is circulated, but it is wrong, and examples are:

- Pitbull dogs do not feel pain: The reason for this information is that the pitbull does not leave its prey until it dies despite the bruises that may be exposed to it.

- Pitbulls are not smart: This is a misinformation. Pitbulls are very smart and can be taught a lot of tasks and things.

- Pitbull dogs of a specific breed: This is wrong information, as pitbull dogs are a hybrid of more than one breed.


Questions and answers and what to expect when raising a pitbull

Here are some common pitbull questions and answers from an experienced pitbull breeder, owner, and trainer:


Are pitbull dogs aggressive and dangerous?

Yes and No. This will depend on the type of training and treatment he will be exposed to.

While it is highly illegal to breed this dog to fight other dogs, guard drug houses, or attack people, it is still done. Fortunately, this is only done in a very small percentage.


Are pitbull dogs smart?

Yes, pitbull dogs are a very intelligent dog breed.


Are pitbull dogs trainable?

They are highly trainable, have the ability to learn complex tasks, and work excellently as search and rescue dogs.


Can the pitbull be kept with other dogs?

It will depend on how the Pitbull and other dogs in the pack are raised.. However, if both dogs fight, it often results in pit bulls hurting other dogs and being blamed for starting the fight.


Can pitbull dogs attack his owner?

No, Pitbull dogs are a very loyal breed. If this ever happens, it is due to a dog's poor upbringing and socialization and would be an extremely rare example.

Another reason could be if the owner is interacting with a sexually charged dog or an untrained dog. Also know that if you bring in a male Pitbull for breeding, you are not the master from the dog's point of view.


Do pitbull dogs kill people?

This is a myth. Even when improperly bred, a Pitbull will not kill anyone. When they attack, it is because the owner has improperly raised and socialized them.

The reason they can hurt people more than most other dog breeds is that they have strong jaws and they have a bad reputation for being victims of shock.


Why are Pitpull notorious?

Pit Bulls have a bad reputation for negative media hype, stereotypes, and a small portion of bad pitbull owners. The usual media portrays this breed as monsters because it makes a good story. These stories are usually exaggerated, for the majority of the breed, they are lovable and trustworthy dogs.


Are Pitpull Banned in the USA?

Most states in the USA have breed specific legislation. These laws are referred to as BSLs and do not always state a "pit bull" in the wording. Nor has any state enacted breed-specific laws, but more than 700 US cities in 40 states have passed this ban. Laws are used most often to target pitbulls. And there are states that have laws prohibiting BSL or race discrimination. These states are: Colorado, California, Illinois, Florida and Texas.

Among the states that do not apply or ban pitbull are: Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota,
and Virginia.


Are Pitpull Safe with children?

In general, Pit Bulls are safe to keep with children they have been raised with. It is also important that children do not disturb the sleeping dog, do not grab the dog's food, do not put fingers in the dog's eyes, etc.


Are pitpull unpredictable?

It is the owner, not the item. This is 100% true. The Pit Bull is a reliable and predictable dog breed. A Pit Bull will be as good or bad as its owner. If you know your dog, you can expect his reaction in almost all situations. This will prevent any unwanted accident.


What should I feed my Pitbull?

Feeding a pitbull puppy: It is very important to feed a good quality balanced diet. Don't feed extra protein-rich foods or extra calcium. Do not supplement anything that will accelerate growth at an early stage.

 The accelerated growth leads to weak bone structure which becomes a problem in adult dogs. The Pit Bull will be an adult at 2 years old.

You should decide on a pit bull's diet depending on its activity level. In general, less nutrition is often always healthier than more nutrition.


What are the rare Pitpull colors?

The white pitbull is rare.


Are there giant pitbulls?

American Staffordshire Terriers are generally larger and more muscular than American Pitbull Terriers. Mixing Pitbulls with Amstaffs combined with size selective breeding produces larger sized puppies called Giant Pitbulls.


Does pitbull shed a large amount of hair?

A very small amount of hair falls out. In general, if you are concerned about having hair all over your clothes and your home with regular brushing once a month, you will not notice any shedding.


At what age does the growth of pitbull complete?

Pitbulls stop growing at about two years of age. However, they tend to get thick until they are 3 years old.


When does a pitbull mature?

Pit Bulls reach sexual maturity at around 18 months and can start breeding after this age. It is not recommended to raise them under the age of 18 months. Many responsible Pit Bull breeders begin breeding two years after the dog is fully grown.


Should you cut off the tail of the pitbull?

No. Having a tail for balance is a must. Groppets can cut their ears anywhere from 9 to 13 weeks old. The time frame varies depending on the vet you use but this is the optimal time frame. This is by no means done for combat purposes.

?What is the age of a pitbull dog

An American Bull Terrier can live anywhere from 8 to 15 years.


What is the weight and length of pitbull dogs?

Female weight: 14 to 36 kg

Female height: 45.72 cm

Male weight: 14 to 36 kg

Male height: 48.26 cm


What is the appropriate weather for pitbull dogs?

This type of dog is suitable for warm weather, as it may not tolerate extreme cold.


What are the diseases that can affect pitbull dogs?

Among the most common pitbull diseases, hip joint abnormalities, thyroid hormones imbalance, weight gain, and background heart defects.


Is the pitbull suitable for all people?

Actually No. You must know that every rule has an anomaly. The behavior of pitbull dogs may develop and turn into a violent offensive behavior if they are mishandled, abused, or raised in a bad or antisocial manner.

Can you imagine how much damage a large dog with high combat and offensive capabilities will produce? You must have imagined the detriment of his aggressive behavior, which may be why a serious assessment of temperament is so important when dealing with these large dogs.


Why is training pitbull dogs to obey important?

Because their incredible strength and fighting heritage from the past with fierce dogfighting make them a breed that must be properly trained.


What is the appropriate age to train pitbull dogs?

Small pitbull puppies can be trained as early as 8 weeks old.


Is reward-based training effective with pitbulls?

 Ancient training methods depended on controlling the dog and keeping it under control. This seems to work superficially because the dog is afraid of you. However, the training method has flaws and is based on incorrect science.

While reward-based training operates on a similar concept of teaching a parent to a child good behavior. It encourages correct behavior and prevents inappropriate behavior. The dog is stimulated with treatment or praise, and therefore it is useful in training pitbull dogs.


Is training pitbull dogs difficult?

Training a Pitbull to obey is a lot easier than most people think. Although these strong dogs can seem intimidating, for the most part they are a great fluff.

 Just remember to communicate well with them, take your time, be patient, and be consistent.

 Remember, if you don't feel 100% confident in your abilities, there are probably coaching schools near you that you can take advantage of as well.


Common traits and what to expect when raising a pitbull:

- High levels of exercise every day.

- Wonderful family dog.

- Dogs are very human loving.

 -A dog that can be devastating to furniture or other things if left alone.

- Easy to train dog which can be a great partner for agility, jogging or other activities.

- May not get along with other dogs, especially of the same gender.

- A dog that you cannot leave unattended with other dogs, no matter how compatible they are.

- Poor guard dog It is not characteristic of the breed to be defensive about the car, house, etc.

- A social dog that greets most strangers pit bulls like long lost friends.

- healthy dog ​​is not particularly susceptible to many genetic diseases.

- A dog that you may not be able to travel with due to certain breeding restrictions.

- You may suffer from some criticism from friends or family members, especially those who have false information about the breed.

- A dog that requires high-quality food to maintain its health.

- Prepare to pay vet bills for regular checkups, spay/neuter, vaccinations and treatments for flea and other parasites.

- A dog that is safe with people Human aggression, extreme shyness, and instability are not traits commonly found in pit bulls.


In general, the breed is considered to be one of the most stable and safe dogs at the moment regardless of the misconceptions surrounding it.


Buy Pitbull dog

People should only buy pitbull puppies from certified breeders, buying young pitbull puppies from certified breeders ensures that pitbull puppies will not have any bad traits that develop from improper breeding.

In some cases, breeders may sell pitbulls trained to fight as pets. Under these circumstances, pitbulls are more likely to attack their owners or other people without warning.


In the end, we hope, dear reader, that we succeeded in answering the main question: What to expect when raising a pitbull, and that we have provided you with useful information in an attempt to help you before choosing or acquiring this breed of dogs, because of the misconceptions surrounding it, although it One of the most famous breeds in the United States and the whole world.


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