how to teach a dog to roll over in 7 steps



how to teach a dog to roll over

how to teach a dog to roll over in 7 steps


Roll Over is taken into account an advance trick, but with enough patience and practice.

 you can train your dog to do it easily.  In this article we will explain to you in seven steps how you can teach your dog to roll over by the following:


1-Use a soft or padded surface

first, you'll want to make sure you have a soft or padded surface for your dog to first start learning to roll over on.

 rolling over can be a little uncomfortable for some dogs, so you'll want to avoid doing it on things like hardwood floor or tile.

at least at first a carpet is great or even being outside on some grass.


2-Use a treat to lure your dog

 you're going to use a treat to lure your dog into a down position.

 bring the treat right up to their nose and then lower their nose all the way down to their front paws, this should get them into a down position.


3-Lure dog onto their side

next you'll want to get your dog to lie onto their side, to do this you'll use a treat to lower your dog's nose.

 again, this time towards their shoulder to encourage them to flip onto their side.

 most dogs have a preference for which side they like to lie on the most and that's usually the side that'll be the easiest for them to then roll over from.

so, try to find their preferred side and work with getting them to lie on that one.

 as you lure your dog make sure you mark with a yes and reward for every small movement towards a full side lying position.

your dog may not be yet so don't get discouraged, if it takes a little while for them, to get there just keep rewarding baby steps.

 you'll want to be able to reliably get them to lie on their side before moving on to the next step.


4-Lure dog, s head to the side until their body flips over

 then once your dog is lying on their side, you'll take a treat to their nose and lower their head to the side.

 until they flip their entire body over your dog might not roll over right away.

so, you'll want to make sure that again you reward small movements towards that full body flip.


5-Bring it all together

 until you get it once your dog knows these movements separately, we'll try to bring everything together into one fluid motion.

 so, we'll use our treat as a lure again and as your dog gets comfortable with this.


6-Introduce the command " Roll Over"

 you can start introducing the command rollover so you'll say the command lure them into position and then reward.


7-Gradually wean your dog off the lure

after that you'll gradually start weaning them off the lure.

 you'll start by using smaller movements with the treat in your hand then move on to using.

 just your hand signal without a treat making sure to reward right after and eventually you can even start being in a standing position to give them the command.

some dogs will be quicker at doing this than others for example larger dogs tend to struggle more than small ones.

 and some dogs will have an easier time with one part of the trick but a harder time with the other.

Work on the part your dog needs most it'll be different for everyone just keep at it and practice a little bit every day and you will get there.


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