Raising a litter of puppies week by week

Raising a litter of puppies week by week

 Raising a litter of puppies week by week


A litter of puppies is one of the most amazing creatures in the world.

In this article, it provides you with information on how to deal with newborn puppies week by week, from birth to the stage of walking and running.


litter of puppies development stages

Although there is no definitive definition of a newborn puppy, most newborn dogs open their eyes and ears between ten to fourteen days of age and not earlier.

 After 21 days the puppies begin to be more aware of the world around them, and at this time, the puppies are no longer newborns.

First week: All newborn dogs do is eat, sleep and crawl. They cannot walk and their eyes and ears are closed.

Second week: Newborn dogs open their eyes and ears and start using their legs to walk in a small box.

The third week: In the third week, they may be more active and have knowledge of what is happening around them.

 and they have personal principles, and they are specifically at the age of 21 days, and teeth begin to appear in their mouth.


How to take care of litter of puppies?

mother role:

After birth, the mother takes care of the puppies in the first weeks in terms of hygiene and their sense of warmth and safety.

The role of the breeder:

The role of the breeder here is to take care of the mother by giving her a lot of food and water for breastfeeding and taking her for a daily walk to activate her and fulfill her needs, but she must be close to the young ones, and you, the breeder, must take the opportunity and clean the box and change the brushes or newspaper

You must also do the following:

1- Make sure that newborn puppies eat constantly as their stomachs are swollen and not flat.


2- Pay attention to the weight of each puppy to make sure that they are gaining weight so that they must increase from 12 to 15 percent of their weight during the first week, and if this does not happen, you should see a doctor.


3- Seeing their buttocks to make sure that they are not clogged.


4- Make sure that the box is wide enough to accommodate all dogs with plenty of movement.


What is the appropriate environment for litter of puppies ?

You should know that newborn dogs cannot adapt to changing heat, so the temperature inside the box should be kept around 29 degrees Celsius starting from the first 5 to 7 days, and then gradually reduced to 23 degrees Celsius over the next four weeks.


A litter of puppies and supplements

If the number is large or if the mother is unable to give enough milk to the puppies, at this time they are given supplements through an external alternative milk in a bottle, dropper or tube, but it is preferable that this process be carried out by the veterinarian until you learn it and learn what the appropriate dose, and it will be Difficult at first until you get used to it.


When are litter of puppies weaned?

Puppies start drinking water 3 weeks after birth, where they can be taught to drink from a flat dish and this dish will actually force them to sip water.

 After which they can drink automatically and then add a little dry food in the milk after grinding, then the amount of milk is reduced Gradually until he gets used to dry food and this is in the fourth week.

After the eighth week or the first vaccination, newborn dogs begin to eat dry food without milk, but they must be given a dose of water after each meal.


In the end, I would like to point out to you that if you can provide the newborn puppies with sufficient milk, the right climate and hygiene, you will have happy and healthy dogs without any doubt.


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