when you meet a dog for the first time? Important tip



when you meet a dog for the first time

 when you meet a dog for the first time? Important tip


When the puppy is born the first sense that works for him and strongly is the sense of smell, then the sense of sight, then the sense of hearing, that the dog learns everything through the sense of smell.


While the arrangement is different in the human category, we observe and learn first through our eyes, then through the sense of touch, and finally through the sense of smell.


I would like to emphasize the sense of smell while you are dealing with the dog, because it is his most important sense, whether this dog you know, a dog with your friend, or any other dog in a public place, for example.


When you visit a friend and you go and greet the dog and he jump on you. After you sit down with your friend and at the end of the meeting you try to kiss him before leaving, but you cannot, and you feel at the time that you were silly with the dog, right?


In fact, if your dog or the dog in front of you is not considered an insult, because he needs to smell you and get to know you.


When the dog gets up and smells you, it is as if he is reading a newspaper in which he knows everything about you, such as who you are, what is your name, boy or girl, are you calm or nervous, afraid or nervous etc.


Most importantly, during the smelling process, do not look in his eyes, pat him or speak until he finishes the smelling process, in the end he may show interest in you, for example he may push your hand, this is evidence that he is ready to pet him, and this you should always do when you are dealing with a dog.


Imagine yourself walking in the street and suddenly someone you do not know hugs you! What about your reaction at this moment?


For example, you may hit him or run, this is the same reaction of the dog when you see it and you immediately grab and paddle him.


All you have to do is give him a chance to get to know you and smell you and then decide afterwards whether he wants to play with you or not?!


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