zak george puppy training all details

zak george puppy training

 zak george puppy training all details


Zak George

Zak George is a dog trainer and one of the famous YouTubers. Zack's YouTube channel, entitled "Zack George's Dog Training Revolution".

 is considered one of the most important destinations for dog training seekers in the world, and has achieved millions of views during the previous years.

 and one of his achievements is also training Thousands of Dogs During His Professional Journey.

 the world's best-selling book Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love was released in 2016 Zak George's by Penguin Random House.

Zak also excelled in some programs on some television channels such as BBC, etc. These include SuperFetch, Dogs 101, Rachael Ray, The Early Show on CBS, and Fox and Friends.

Zak always strives to raise standards in dog training. Its goal is to revolutionize the practical understanding of dog behavior in line with the ethics of the twenty-first century.

He is a staunch supporter of positive dog reinforcement. From my point of view, people should treat their dogs as members of a group.

 Dogs are domesticated animals, not wolves, as some believed in the past.

He also believes that one approach cannot be relied on for all, and his new positive approach involves training each dog according to its unique personality.

 which ultimately leads to a happier pet and also in a faster time.

Zack's kingdom or family consists of his girlfriend Brie and their dogs: Supernova, Alpha Centauri, Venus, Indy, and their cat, Angela. They live in New Orleans.



zak george puppy training stay

to teach your puppy to sit and stay according to zak george puppy training you can watch this video:


zak george puppy training leash

to train your dog to walk nicely while on leash according to zak george puppy training you can watch this video:


zak george potty training

Potty training a puppy can be easy! Watch how Zak George did it by watching this video:



zak george puppy biting

to train your puppy to stop biting, watch how long it actually takes by this video:


zak george crate training

to learn to potty train and crate train your puppy according to zak george puppy training you can watch this video:


zak george puppy training book

Zak George has published two books that are considered one of the most important and best-selling books in the field of dog training.



zak george puppy training book

Zack says about the two books:

" Between my 2 books, here’s everything you’ll get help with! Does your dog have trouble with any of these things?!? Which ones? Tell me!!

Also. Theyre available in traditional, digital and audiobook form, and I narrated the audiobooks myself ".


Choosing the right dog for you

Everything you need to prepare for your new dog

Key training principles

House training

Fundamental skills every dog should know

Troubleshooting the most common behavior problems

Basic healthcare

 Cool tricks, traveling with your dog, exercise and more.





zak george puppy training schedule



zak george puppy training schedule


zak george puppy training youtube

Zak George's official YouTube channel is called "Zak George's Dog Training Revolution" has about two and a half million subscribers. It includes many playlists such as:

1-      Puppies.

2-     New puppy survival guide.

3-     The dog training experiences.

4-      Stop leash pulling!

5-     A step by step guide to teaching your puppy or dog (in order)

6-     Everything you ever wanted to know about teaching fetch.

7-     How to train dog tricks (easiest to most difficult)?

These playlists contain hundreds of dog training videos.

zak george puppy training kona

the first 24 hours of training a new puppy.

 here is your puppy survival guide! Who’s excited to watch Kona learn?




zak george puppy training pdf

to download 30-day perfect pup manual with Zak George pdf click



zak george puppy training app


about app

- This 30-day video course (free forever) was created by Youtube's #1 dog trainer, Zak George. He used his decades of experience training dogs with positive reinforcement techniques to guide your day by day through 30 days of training your dog or puppy.

-Mark specific behaviors (and class days) as completed to keep track of your dog's progress! When you mark each day, you can rate and keep track of your dog’s progress with their training.


- If you've got a specific challenge or problem you're dealing with, you can also train by behavior. These videos are the fastest way to find a solution to what's troubling you.

-Go in-depth on over 75 behaviors & tricks with the help of a Pupford Academy membership. Overcome problem behaviors like barking, potty training, leash walking, impulse control, and more. Multiple plans allow you to access over 10 full-length courses taught by dog trainers and pet experts!

- The course comes with a free private community (on Facebook) where you can ask questions, get advice and talk with other pup parents, just like you!

- Would you rather read and view images about the training program? Check out the free ebook that outlines the course as well! It's located in the settings section.

-If you have the right dog training tools, you will have a better experience! offer a full range of dog training treats, dog chews, leashes, enrichment toys and so much more!


Download from



zak george recommended products

the supplies you’ll need for 30-day perfect pup class:

You’ll need some types of “currency” for your dog - basically, dog money! There are two main types of

currencies for dogs: food/treats, and various forms of play, like tug and fetch for example!

You should have 2 main types of treats: a real-meat treat Pupford’s Freeze-Dried Training Treats

are some of Zak George favorites) is a great choice for your primary training sessions. This is what we call a “high value currency” and it will help to keep your dog’s attention, especially during this communication building phase. And, soft dog treats

located throughout your house (out of your dog’s reach of course)

so that they’ll always be there when you need them for spontaneous training sessions. And, if your dog

likes to play, you’ll need 2-3 of his favorite toys.


Other supplies needed for this course are:

A leash, preferably a 6-foot leash

A 30-foot-long lead

A harness

Non-metal collar

A crate or kennel (vital for potty training a puppy)

A dog ed



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