when to start training a puppy?



when to start training a puppy

when to start training a puppy?


There are basics you should know before starting to train your puppy, these essentials are the title of this article.

What are these basics? It starts when you bring a puppy home, you are supposed to start training on your own.

1- leaves the puppy at home

leaves the puppy at home for about a week, so that the puppy gets to know the house and get used to it.

So that if the puppy feels fear and anxiety from the new place, the fear will disappear before starting the training.

But if you start training with the puppy directly, you will find that the puppy is psychologically disturbed and feeling anxious.

This is due to the difference in the first place in which he used to live to a new place.

Therefore, the puppy must be given a chance to acclimatize to the new place. This is the first step that must be taken care of puppy.


2- Choose a name for the puppy

Choose a name for the puppy carefully and precisely, so that you do not change it again. because changing the name will distract the puppy during training.

From here, you start in the first week by choosing a suitable name for the puppy.

And when placing food for him, call the name before putting food.


3- Set a fixed date for food

This is one of the very important steps that maintain a puppy's stomach and also make it easier for you to train.

Why is the stability of food dates important for puppy training? Because feeding the puppy throughout the day in a random way.

The puppy may be at the time of training is not hungry and does not pay attention to training or his focus is little.

Because he doesn't need canine rewards, he feels full but if there are fixed dates for food and the puppy knows that time, is ready for it and feels hungry.

If you give him any rewards, the puppy's focus will be strong at training time, so training is easier.


4- Attend toys and start playing with your puppy

With this step, the puppy begins to get used to you and to know that you are a good person for him.

And it changes that you are manipulating him and making him happy with your presence.

This step starts on the fourth day of the puppy's presence in your home, you attend toys and start playing with your puppy, at least half an hour a day.

The puppy will notice in this case that he loves you and accepts you and prefers to go with you anywhere.

This is one of the important things that will help you in training.


5- Set an appointment for training

And also, one of the important steps is to set an appointment for training, and it is at a time away from the air.

 So that the puppy's activity is high at the same time, the training period ranges from 15-20 minutes.

Your puppy will get used to this and ready for training.


6- Train your puppy on the first command

The sixth step is the end of the start training a puppy, in which you begin to train your puppy on the first command.

He will be training the puppy in his name, But the puppy will be ready for training after the previous steps to be able to train the puppy on its name.


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